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You are supposed to follow all the rules and regulations on our website, and once you place your order on our website, you are giving us the surety that you have accepted all of our terms and conditions. We always suggest our writers have a look at our policies as well as our terms and condition sections in order to get an idea about the working process of our website. You can only place your order on our website if you have no issues with our rules and regulation, and if you have any kind of issues regarding our terms and conditions, you are not allowed to place your order on our website.

This page contains the terms “Your,” Client,” You”! All of these are used to refer to the person reading this document or who is going to access our website for any reason. These expressions are entirely for the people who are new to the site, current users, or using the link for any purpose. Once you arrive on any page of the site from the search engine results page, you will have to follow all the declared regulations.

Eligibility criteria

Always make sure to provide correct pieces of information because we can contact you anytime throughout the audit process if we have any kind of suspicion whatsoever. Moreover, it is suggested to provide the right email address because once we are done with your order, we will make sure to send the final downloadable version of your order to your mentioned email address. So, if there is any misleading information regarding your order as well as your personal information, it will delay your order.

We always suggest our writers place their orders with a high amount of care because you will not be allowed to modify the instructions once you have placed your order. Before placing your order, you must read our terms and conditions, and if you think that these terms and conditions don't apply to you, then you have no right to access our website, and you cannot place your order on our website.

Age requirement & correct information

You have to be over 18 to place your order on our website, and if we found that you are below 18, we can cancel your order.

Every customer must give us the right and correct information so we can work according to your expectations and requirements. If you have any additional documents which you can think help us to make your order better, we recommend you to attach a file, and you better remain in touch with your assigned writer to enjoy high-quality services.

Account usage

You are not allowed to use our delivered data for establishing a business. You can only use those documents for educational purposes, and if we find out that you are distributing the copies of our delivered work, we will take legal action against you. You are not supposed to make various accounts, and if you do that, our algorithm may block your account and IP address.

Order placing

  • Fill our order form: First of all, you have to fill our order form, and it is a very easy and straightforward form that can even be filled by school going students. In that order form, you need to tell us a bit about your personal information, and you have to let us know with some necessary instructions and guidelines to make your order according to your requirements. The price of an order is directly linked to your mentioned deadline, and this is the reason we always recommend our customers to place their orders as early as possible.
  • Make a payment: When you are done with our order form, you need to make your payment to hire us for custom writing services. One of the best things about our website is that you will be able to calculate the final price of your order before submitting your order, and we have no tax applied to our services. The final payable amount that will be showed on your screen is the amount you have to pay to us. You can use Visa, MasterCard, credit card, or any debit card to make your payment.
  • Download your order: We are very conscious about the delivery on the promised deadline, and this is the reason we recommend our customers to check their email addresses on the promised deadline. Your order will be delivered to your email address after a complete analysis of your order, and we show you that our delivered work won't have any kinds of issues or mistakes. A customer can also download the final version of his order from our website portal by adding the login credentials.


Your payment method will remain secure and confidential on our website, and you don't have to worry about it. Your credit card or debit card details won't be saved on our website, so you can make your payment without any kind of hesitation. Your order will get started once you pay the final payable amount to our website, and you can use Visa, MasterCard, credit card, or debit card to make your payment.

Loyalty programs

We do have loyalty programs for our repeated customers, and every customer who plays an order on our website will get 5% cashback, and the cashback can only be used at the time of placing a new order. You cannot withdraw your cashback amount because it's a kind of gift from our side. If you want to delete your account for a permanent basis, you will eventually lose all the cash back you have received from our website.


A revision can only be requested if we fail to deliver plagiarism-free content and if you have found any kind of plagiarism or issue related to copy-paste in our delivered, work you can request a revision. You have 30 days to request a revision after the final delivery of your order, and if you fail to submit your revision request within those 30 days, then you have to place a new order.


At the time of placing your order, you have to fill our order form, in which we will ask about a little personal information. We have the authority to use your personal information for verification purposes, and we assured you that we wouldn't share the personal details of your order with anyone in the world. In order to improve the quality of our services, we sometimes verify the person by contacting through the given email address.

We do have a very strict policy, and if we found any kind of suspicious activity through your account, we will instantly block your account, and you will not be able to place a new order. This is the reason we always recommend our customers to give the right information, so if there is any kind of suspicious activity on your account, we can contact you instantly.

Limitations of liability

We will not be responsible if you fail to get your desired grade because no one in the world can give you a complete shirt is that you will get an A+ grade. We guarantee you that our team of professional writers and proofreaders will work as hard as they could to provide high-quality content. All of our delivered documents will remain the property of our website, and you can only use those documents only for learning purposes.


Our delivered data will remain our property, and you cannot present those documents as yours in your school, college, university, or even in your business. If you share our delivery document with the third party, it means that you have violated the copyrights and international laws, and you will be responsible for the consequences. Under these circumstances, we will public our delivered work online, and you will have to face issues in terms of plagiarism and copy-paste.


We don't share the personal information of our customers on our website, but we do share their reviews with their initial name. If you are not happy with that and you want us to remove your review from our review section, you can simply send us a message, and we will make sure to remove your review without any kind of hassle.

  • We have the authority to change any of the sections of our website, like policies and terms and conditions, and you have to follow our changes.
  • You should have to remain in contact with your assigned writer in order to get daily updates about the progress of your order. Moreover, we will make sure to notify you about the changes we make on our website on your mentioned email address.
  • Whenever there is a change in our website policy, a banner will be updated on our website. So, it would be better if you visit our website regularly to get to know about the changes.
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