Privacy Policy

As top-quality academic writing service providers, we care for the privacy and confidentiality of our worthy customers. Therefore, when you place your order with us, we ask for some information from you.

This document will provide you with accurate details of how we collect information, how our privacy policy is secured, and as a customer, what your rights are. In addition, this paper will highlight all the practices we follow to keep your crucial information secured from any third party.

For clients, regular prospects, and new visitors

The privacy policy document may be called a comprehensive document because it communicates with every person or group that lands on our website and plans to avail our impeccable academic writing services without any inconvenience.

As a client, you need to realize that we ask for specific information that hits directly to the order's progression. Thus, whosoever avails our writing service should follow all the rules laid down in our privacy policy.

This document addresses our regular customers and even prospects.

Order procedure: Information we acquire

As a professional academic writing company in the industry, we do not barge into the privacy of our customers and never tend to ask for irrelevant information that has nothing to do with the order execution method.

Instead, we only acquire basic information that enables us to timely connect with our clients to deliver you the final paper on time. Therefore, while providing all the necessary information in the order form, you should tell us about the scope of your document, i.e. the number of pages or word count, deadline, referencing style, etc.

When it comes to collecting your personal information, we only acquire the following points:

  • Full name
  • Cell number
  • Email address
  • IP address

We collect this information to communicate and deliver your paper within the required deadline timely. In rare cases, our writing firm may ask for additional information when a client or firm goes into a dispute.

Rest assured, your collected information will remain hidden. Apart from contacting you on time, the primary purpose for gathering this limited information is to provide you with the relevant material, cashback offers, multiple discounts, and establish a better relationship with you.

How do we secure your identity and personal information?

  • As stated earlier, we will never acquire irrelevant information that has no connection with the order procedure. So, we only collect the basic information that is necessary for communication.
  • In order to protect our client's information from any third party, we have set up an advanced and updated version of security firewalls that is highly reliable. Accordingly, it reinforces the new cyber security protocols that lock your information.
  • Case Solution Guru is an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) website. Does not it sound strange? This SSL-based system prevents your data from any third party's access. In a nutshell, it means that not a single piece of software or a human can access your vital information.
  • No one can access the personal information of our worthy customers. Most importantly, your information is stored in a trustworthy and encrypted manner. Furthermore, our employees are not allowed to access this information. With us, you are always in safe hands.
  • Working for more than a decade now, Case Solution Guru will never trade or sell your personal information for any financial purpose.

We do not acquire your financial information

As Case Solution Guru is an online writing platform for students; thus, all the financial transactions are done electronically through secured gateways like online banking, PayPal, credit card, debit card, etc.

Remember, we will never gather or access any of your financial details, be it your credit card number or any other information related to your bank account.

Plus, all the transactions are carried out through standard banking channels. Moreover, we have nothing to do with our clients' banking information.

The only thing we need is the payment confirmation necessary to start working on your assignment.

Your financial information is 100% secure

You might come up with this question, "How will my financial information stay secured?"

There is a simple answer to this question.

When we never ask or access your financial details, there is nothing to worry about any information leakage.

Many writing websites make direct transactions, which can misappropriate your funds. On the contrary, we will never collect hard currency or complete a direct transaction in any way.

We use banking channels and other listed gateways to receive payment.

Which things should I need in order to place my order successfully?

When you hit the order button, you have to fill in the form that requires you to provide all the necessary information so that our professional writer precisely tailors to your academic needs.

In the order form, you are required to give information about the topic's name, word count, referencing style, deadline, and helping material, if any.

How are you given the exclusive right for fair use of the document?

When you hire our proficient writers, they pen down your requirements and preferences and implement those requirements to craft an excellent paper. Also, you are given the right to use the final paper for your own purpose.

  • Once you make a payment for the paper and receive it, it's your right to use it for your own guidance or any other inspirational purpose.
  • When you get the final version of the paper, we make sure that this written paper is not used and delivered to any other person.

Legal stages at which we can gather and store the information

A client or a standard user can doubt the legal grounds that allow us to collect and store the data as mentioned above with a positive intention.

Our writing company has all legal covers and grounds for asking and storing the information to execute the orders precisely and enhance our service quality.

The first and foremost legal cover is the consent and will of the client, where he willingly benefits from any of our writing services. In simple words, a customer is permitting us by default.

Remember, we do not allow users to avail our services who refuse to provide us information.

Additionally, local rules governed by the government also bind us legally to maintain the record of all those customers who availed our services. In this case, it focuses on the record of our financial transactions in order to calculate the tax percentage.

Hence, we inform all customers about this information. However, the truth is that the information we collected from customers is not shared with any third party or software.

When a particular client passes on all required details, we only continue the rest of our writing procedure.

Your right to access the information

As a respected customer, you can quickly access your personal information retained by our company. You have every legal right to access the information and amend those components if necessary.

To add more, you can also ask for the permanent deletion of your details and your account with our website. But this permanent deletion of information will keep you away from placing future orders until your renewal of the same information occurs.

Company's rights to make amendments

Serving in the industry for several years, we hold every good right to make amendments to our privacy policy on the whole or some clauses with good intention. In order to implement these changes, our writing company will not seek any prior permission from the customers.

Instead, the company holds the right to make these changes without permission. Additionally, we will communicate these changes through the most reliable and suitable platform for us.

These changes are often addressed through emails and even our website's banner. However, the company is not bound to inform you individually.

The customer support team for further guidance

In this paper, we have tried to cover all the anticipated perspectives. However, if you have any questions regarding a rare possible situation not addressed here, you can approach our customer support team to get guidance.

Refund Policy

We have been providing custom writing services for the last fifteen and a half years, and we have been ruling this custom-writing industry. We have got all the professional writers, so we think we are good enough to write any kind of assignment, essay, presentation, case study, or anything else. In our long career of 15 years, we have taken care of thousands of research papers, and we have helped thousands of students who were in desperate need of a system. We will make sure to work according to the instructions and guidelines of our customers, which is why you better place your order right now at an affordable price.

After reading all the instructions and guidelines of our customers, we start looking for a perfect writer for them. When you place your order on our website, we will make sure to take care of your deadlines and all the instructions. We will only ask for very minimal personal information because we care about the privacy and confidentiality of our customers. If you have any kind of questions whatsoever, you can contact our support staff, and one of our professional customer care service representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

This particular section is the refund policy of our website, and in this policy, you will come to know how to get and apply for a refund. If you are unsure about the privacy and confidentiality policy of our website, make sure to go to our privacy policy, and you will get all the answers to your questions. To know more about our website and how we operate, read the terms and conditions of CaseSolutionGuru.

If you fall in one of the two categories given below, you will qualify to get a full refund:

  • We always make sure to send the final version of an order on time, and there are chances that we will request an extension in the deadline. If we fail to send anything even after the extended deadline, you can get a full refund. We always use estimated delivery time on our website because it can be increased or decreased depending on the scenarios. We may need some extra time to take care of your order, and you will be obliged to give us a bit of extra time.
  • If you think we have not followed your instructions and guidelines properly or there is any kind of issues related to Plagiarism for copy-paste, you can ask for a refund. If you are unable to download the final version of your order, you can also request for a refund after trying to download the link from the website portal. As soon as we receive your request, we will look into the matter, and we will give you a full refund.

No Refunds Will Be Made Under These Conditions:

  • No refund will be given to the customer if we manage to send the final version of an order on the extended deadline.
  • We have a Loyalty program for customers, and the money you receive as a result of our Loyalty program can only be used to place an order on our website. You cannot request a refund over the Loyalty program money.
  • If you have placed your order twice, make sure to reach our customer care sports staff as soon as possible. If you fail to contact us, we will not give you any kind of refund. This is the reason we always recommend our customers to place their orders with the utmost care.

You Will Receive Partial Refunds Under The Following Conditions:

  • We have been offering so many services to the last couple of years, and one of our services is question solution. If you don't get all the answers to your questions, you can request a partial refund, and we will give you a refund according to the situation.
  • All of our writers are very customer friendly. If you have any kind of issue whatsoever with your assigned writer, make sure to let us know through our sports staff, and we will look into the matter. A refund will be given to the customer after a strict verification.
  • Once the half of your deadline is gone, and you have not faced any issue whatsoever with the writer, you cannot request for reimbursement. Our confirmation department will look into the matter and will decide about the refund process accordingly.
  • We always prioritize our customers, which is why we have a very friendly revision and refund policy. You will get three free revisions from our website within 30 days after the complete the delivery of an order, and if we don't have the writers available to give you three revisions, we will happily give you a refund after 50%.

A Few Important Points:

  • When you place your order, make sure to fill our order form with great care and with exact information. To place your order on our website, you need to let us know with the protocol instructions and guidelines so we can work according to your expectations. Orders with no additional instructions and guidelines may get delayed due to the workload.
  • If you have forgotten attaching some of the essential instructions and guidelines at the time of order, you can let the writer know through a direct message. You can also upload the relevant files in the comment section, which is available on your dashboard. We always think that the document has appropriate instructions and guidelines, which is why we don't expect any kind of issue whatsoever.
  • We deliver to our customers will remain our properties, and the customers are obliged to use it only for information or research purposes.
  • We have a very strict policy as far as the Plagiarism is concerned. If you have found any kind of plagiarism in our delivered work you can ask for a refund, and you need to give us a solid proof that there was applied tourism in our work. You need to upload a Turnitin report as your proof, and we will not accept any other report Turnitin.

Eligibility Criterion For Custom Papers:

We have been in this custom-writing industry for more than one and a half decades, and we have been successfully providing High-Quality Services to our customers. We assure you that the final version will send to you will be free of issues related to plagiarism, copy-paste, spelling, and grammatical errors. We have got one of the best proofreaders and editors who will make sure to remove all the possible mistakes. Every Institute has its own limit as far as the plateau region is concerned, which is why you must let us know the requirement of your Institute. A refund can be requested under certain conditions;

  • If our delivered work has any false or misleading information
  • If the percentage of Plagiarism is higher than what you have told us
  • If the writer feels to follow all the instructions and guidelines provided by you at the time of order

The two decisions you can take are:

  • A refund can be requested anytime, and our verification team will decide about the refund percentage depending on the severity of the errors. To qualify for a refund, you need to submit your refund request within 30 days after the successful delivery of your order. Once those 30 days are gone, no refund will be provided, and you need to place a new order.
  • If you manage to request a revision within 30 days after the initial delivery of your order, we will happily provide three revisions. Revision requests will only be accepted within 30 days, and after 30 days, a new order has to be placed.

After You Have Received A Full Or Partial Refund

  • If you get a partial or a refund from our website, you will not have any authority to use that content. After providing a complete or a partial refund to our customers, we meet the papers go public, and if you submit that paper, there will be an issue related to plagiarism. If we found out that you have used A delivered content after getting a refund, legal action will be taken against you.
  • You are giving all the rights back to CaseSolutionGuru, and we will declare its proprietorship over the internet. The paper will receive all the copyrights, intellectual/academic privileges, and you will not be able to use any text contained in the file for submitting purposes. The paper is only for educational purposes, and must not be used for commercial motives.

Revision Policy

Our revision policy is entirely customer centric and ensures maximum client satisfaction. We offer three free revisions within 30 days of the delivery of paper (90 days for Dissertation only).

In What Situation You Can Request a Free Revision?

Basic instruction clash

If you find that the final paper doesn’t follow your initial instructions, you can ask for a free revision.

Plagiarized content

If you find out that the paper contains plagiarized or stolen content, you can ask for a free revision instantly.

Low quality

If the customer believes that the content included in paper is of low quality or carries multiple mistakes, he can request a free revision.

Implied Conditions on Free Revision Request

Our revision policy is somehow completely customer oriented yet it is subject to fair conditions that validate a just and fair revision request.

Time Barrier

Each revision request must be made right within the stipulated time frame after the delivery which is 30 days (90 days for Dissertation). Any request made past this period will not be entertained.

Instructions completely ignored

Revision request will only be entertained if the final paper completely conflicts with your basic instructions and misses most or major part of these initial instructions.

Proof of plagiarism

A client objecting over the plagiarized content will have to furnish a solid proof through the TurnItIn report. If the plagiarized content exceeds the standard limit, only then the free revision request will be entertained.

Client data mistakes

In a case where the mistakes are mainly caused due to the material/data provided by the customer, the company will not be held responsible and no free revision will be granted in this case.

Formal Procedure of Filing Free Revision Request

The formal revision request can be initiated through the personal user web account following the below mentioned path.

User Account ►Dashboard ►Order Details ►Add Comment

When Revision Request is Not Completed

In case where you register the revision request through proper channel and still get no response, you can initiate a new dispute to reaffirm by following the below mentioned path.

User Account ►Dashboard ►Disputes ►New Dispute ►Select Order

As a professional academic writing company, we strive to facilitate our customers in best possible manner and expect from our valued customers to show compliance to our policies.

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