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Learn about our services and the procedure we follow to work on assignments

CaseSolutionGuru is a service provider that helps students in finishing their assignments before the deadline. We have post-grad writers who work according to the academic standards and follow the guidelines of students for completing their homework.

We have a team of professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields. We provide our clients with the following services:

Experienced Writers: Our hiring process is quite challenging, and we only select the best to make them part of our team. There are different levels of difficulty that writers need to pass in order to get hired.

High-Quality Content: We provide text that is written with a unique approach, and is free from all types of errors, which include grammatical, plagiarism, spelling, and structural mistakes.

Anonymity: We understand how important it is to keep personal information safe, which is why we guarantee that no third-party website, users of our site will have access to your data.

Always In Contact: We make sure to provide our clients with the best services. They can chat with our support at any hour of the day, and converse with the writers when required.

Yes, the services we provide are entirely legal! We support students in finishing their assignments by supplying writing samples and research help. The papers we write, help students in perfecting their essay writing skills.

-  Do We Provide The Same Paper To Others?

No! We write papers from scratch while accurately following the guidelines of students. So, the projects we complete are entirely unique in nature, and you can take all the content you need to write your task.

-  Do We Copy Materials From Websites?

No! Our writers never copy any text from online sources; they just gather the information that is reviewed and accepted. They create an outline, which they follow after collecting all the required information. They add their experience to the text making it entirely one of a kind. We know how plagiarism affects the grades of students; therefore, our team of quality checkers makes sure there is no plagiaristic material in the document before delivering the final version.

Order & Delivery

On this page, you can find answers to questions related to the procedure for allocating a writer, how we work, and the delivery.

We do our best to deliver the paper before the deadline you have specified in the order. There can be times when a writer takes extra hours to complete it. It can be because either the paper is too long or you did not give us enough time to work on it. Following all the directives, while composing an article in a small amount of time, can add more hours to the deadline, but don’t worry, we will deliver topnotch quality essays.

It all begins when a client submits a request for completing a paper. We receive the order, assign a suitable writer, and notify the client. Now, they can communicate on the comments page, the link to which is available in the dashboard of the account; you will need to login to access it! After which the writer receives all the instructions, and he/she gets to work. The client’s role is very trivial, they can get back to their usual routine after placing a successful order, and we will notify you when it’s ready.

The paper is delivered via email, the one you provided during the signup process, and we also make a link available to the client on the dashboard of the website. The user can use any of the stated means to download the final document.

Our team is working day and night to supply papers to their students before the deadline. More than 95% of the orders are delivered before the particularized period, and in case we miss it, we will just need some extra hours to complete your paper. It is the exact reason why we have used the term “estimated deadline” on the order page.

Yes, you can! There can be several possibilities for the occurrence of this event. It can either be that you forgot to add complete details in the instruction section or maybe because you added misleading content in the attached file. Our writers are following your specified directives, which is why there can sometimes be errors that can go unnoticed by our verification team. So, if you think that any section of the document needs alteration, then let the writer know right away before it’s too late.

Writers Information

On this FAQS page, you will get to know more about our team and their responsibilities!

We have hired professional writers from all around the world, who will be responsible for completing your paper. All of them are postgraduates, which is why there is not even shred of a chance for mistakes. The only thing we need from you are instructions on how you want us to structurize the paper. If you already have an incomplete document, then you can let our writers complete it for you.

Yes! We have arranged a comments page, where you can chat with the writer in the form of posts. You will get replies based on the availability of the writer. Also, the editor only knows about what you want him/her to work on, and none of your personal details are shared. It is imperative to keep your information private. In this section, you can upload files and post messages that can assist a writer in finishing the task successfully.

Yes! On the comments page, you can upload all the necessary documents that can assist a writer in carrying out your task effectively. Also, if the writer needs any additional sources for information, you can share them here as well, but remember, the writer will follow the guidelines specified in the order, and also we assigned an essayist based on what you have mentioned in the request. So, be careful while adding information in the order, it can sometimes create an undesirable situation for both.

No! but you don’t have to worry, because after receiving your order request, our verification team will carefully go through your requirements, and will assign a writer who can complete your task without taking too much of your time.

Quality & Satisfaction

You will find answers to queries regarding the quality of the document and what we do to satisfy the requirements of a client.

Yes! Our writers are experienced professionals and have studied their subjects very well. Also, they go through a very strict hiring process before getting hired for the job. We make sure the quality they produce is exceptional and exceeds your expectations. These essayists have been working with us for years, and they know all the academic standards very well. They do not copy any content from websites or implement information as it is from other sources. So, not to worry, your work is in reliable hands!

Well, we do not promise that, but our writers give their best in completing them. They use all the credible sources to gather information and use the most recent ones combining it with their experience. As our writers hold a minimum of a Master’s degree, so we are sure of the quality they will provide, rest you can go through the paper, make any required amendments, and add the perfection you need.

There are a few steps you can take if you are not happy with the work of the writer. You can submit a request for revision, in which case you will need to provide us with a proof of errors like the content is missing information. Or if the writer is not following your guidelines, or is behaving correctly, we will assign a different writer. In case we can solve the problem, we will try to help the writer understand the situation, so he/she can complete your assignment on time.

For starters, we only write custom-tailored papers that follow the instructions of the students. Second, every writer uses their unique approach to complete the article. Moreover, for the satisfaction of the client, we attach a Turnitin report with the paper before delivering the project. As all the institutions use this method to find plagiarism, we also make sure that our content doesn’t contain any copied material.

Pricing & Payment

This page of FAQs contains answers to questions related to our price evaluation process and the means of uploading the payment.

There are several aspects involved, but the most important ones are the deadline and number of words. If you think the price we have calculated doesn’t fit your budget, you can always decrease the amount by reducing the number of words, and by giving our writers some more time to work on your paper. The farther the deadline, the lesser the calculated amount will be, but if you need a paper urgently, then you will need to upload the evaluated price, after which our writer will leave the ongoing work to complete your task ASAP.

You can use the MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Discover, or American Express, to upload the determined payment.

It is a yes for a particular case! If the evaluated price of your order exceeds five hundred dollars, you may request the support representatives to divide the amount into two or three parts. Otherwise, you will have to upload the complete payment for the order in order for us to start working on it.

No, we don’t! The reason is we have hired writers to produce papers that can help a student in maintaining their grades. They deserve to be paid for their exceptional work!

A client visits our website, clicks on the order button, adds necessary details on the order page, and proceed to the page where they upload the payment. After which we assign a writer who then completes a job and sends the article to our verification team, who then removes all the errors and makes sure the content is following all the directives of the client. Later, we notify the client to download the completed paper, from the website, or from the link we send to their email address.

Reimbursements are only possible under certain conditions:

  1. If the document contains plagiarized material that exceeds the limit set by your institution
  2. If the writer didn’t follow your instructions or you are having a hard time with the writer
  3. If the article includes misleading information

You can read more about how our return process works on the refund policy page.

Certainly! We use a secure socket layer to add an extra level of security to your personal information. We do not have access to that information as SSL entirely encrypts it. No one will be able to look into your account for payment details or personal information. It is clearly stated in our privacy policy that we protect the data of our clients at all costs.

Account Security

This section answers the most concerning questions of clients like, how you can manage your account, and change or remove information.

No, not even the members of our team have access to that information. Only the verification team uses that information to confirm your order; else, nobody can know who you are! The reason is, when you sign-up on our website, a unique ID is assigned to your account, which is displayed to the writer and the support team. So you need to worry about exposing your personal information to anyone.

No, there is absolutely no way! We keep the personal information our clients wholly hidden, and as our online system assigns a distinct ID to your account, no one can ever know who you are or where you are from. It is strongly advised not to share your personal information with the clients when you are in contact with them because we will not be responsible for its outcomes.

No, they cannot! Only the writer has access to the instructions sections of your order, from where he/she gets the guidelines on how to complete the paper.

You can contact our support team and let them know that you want to make a request for deletion of account or information, and they will erase all your data, or the entire record, upon your appeal. Also, you will opt-out of our loyalty program, which gives you some money back to use on your next order, on our website.

No need to worry, you will only need to tap the login button, and from the popup that appears, click on the “forgot password” option. From there, follow a few simple steps, and you will be able to change your passcode easily!

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